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Custom Aero, Dynamic, Optima, and Turbo Pro Bowls for Australia

Bowling in Currimundi

Aero Bowls are designed with the assistance of some of the world’s best lawn bowlers so that they have the perfect trajectory. Australian-made, each set is guaranteed to be accurate and deliver a consistent line, or your money back.

The manufacturer offers a 21-day play guarantee which gives lawn bowlers the opportunity to test out their bowls on the green. Eligible items must be returned with the original receipt.

What is more, manufacturer defects are covered by a 12-year defect guarantee. Aero Bowls warrants that your set will contain 4 bowls with the same line and whose line will be the same as another set of the same type within the limitations of the current machinery available.

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All Aero Bowls sold by Lawn Bowls 2U are designed specifically for Australia and New Zealand.

Get a custom Aero Bowl made to order. Choose your size, model, colour, grip style and logo. Available in speckled, duo, trifecta and quad designs.

The Dynamic has a mid-line trajectory ideal for good quality greens, faster than 14 seconds. Common to all Aero Bowls, add a bit of weight and the bowls will hold their line as though they are on rails. They simply do not duck. On the draw, the bowls are so predictable you can generally tell where they will finish from half-way up the green.

The Optima has a slightly wider arc than the Dynamic, around 15 to 30cm just outside the midline. It’s suitable for all greens surfaces from 13 seconds to the fastest.

Suitable for the fastest greens, the Turbo Pro takes around 10 to 30cm less grass than the Dynamic. It has exceptional hold on the upshot with minimum weight and is best used in wind protected areas.

Sizes & Weight

Aero Bowls knows that size has a major bearing on the accuracy of your delivery and manufactures a full range of half sizes. If you need to go down a size for comfort and grip, you can be confident it will not affect your lawn bowls performance.

With a reputation for being the most accurately made bowls in the world, you can rely on the precision of an Aero lawn bowl, regardless of what size you use. The variation between bowls in a set is no more than 3 grams.

Aero Bowls sizes and weights:

SizeHeavy (g)Extra Heavy (g)

A good grip is an essential requirement. As with all aspects of Aero Bowls’ manufacturing, their grips are good quality and guaranteed chip proof.

The following grips are available on all Aero Bowls:

  • Aero Dentations—designed to deflect wind away from the bowl
  • Aero ZigZag—for excellent grip that won’t dig into your fingers
  • Aero Plain Rings—highly defined rings to help you align to your chosen grass line

The revolutionary Aero Z Scoop grip is available on Dynamic and Optima models only. This grip has a deeper groove to give everyone the perfect fit, regardless of their hand size. The Z Scoop can help bowlers who want to go up a size do so without struggling to hold their bowl.


For success in lawn bowls it is crucial to achieve the same line every time and that is the Aero Bowls true trajectory promise.

The Aero Exclusive Arc with Centre Point Trajectory© is designed for Australian and NZ fast greens. Made with meticulous precision it offers superior wind stability for all shots.

Every Aero model will start to turn approximately midway between the mat and the jack on a draw shot. The benefits of this midpoint trajectory include:

  • Less affected by wind
  • Performs well on tricky or uneven greens
  • Gently turns toward the target
  • Accurate tracking to the target
Bowling in Currimundi

Aero’s precision manufacturing enables us to provide you with superior quality engravings on your bowls. You can choose from a range of standard logos in an outline or full colour solid or choose a custom logo.

To order a custom or company logo please email your desired image along with your order details to us.

Football logos also attract an extra charge of $75, as they require us to pay them a royalty for the use of their logos.