New Aero Bowls, Taylor Bowls, Greenmaster Bowls, Henselite Bowls and Used Bowls

Looking for a second-hand set of bowls? Or maybe you’d like to upgrade to a better set? Then you’ve come to the right place! We stock premium quality Aero Bowls as well as new Taylor Bowls. We also have a constantly changing supply of used bowls available.

It’s easy to purchase the bowls you want. Simply add your chosen item to the cart and checkout. Alternatively, contact one of our friendly staff, or come in to our Brisbane store.

Aero Bowls

Aero make several models of bowls which have been manufactured to suit the specific conditions of different countries. They also offer a made-to order service. Aero bowls designed for Australia and New Zealand include:

  • Custom Aero Bowls
  • Aero Dynamic Bowls
  • Aero Evolve Bowls
  • Aero Optima Bowls
  • Aero Turbo Pro

Taylor Bowls

Taylor bowls are thoroughly tested to meet World Bowls (WB) regulations. Each bowl comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects. Browse below to see what Taylor Bowls we currently have in stock.

Used Bowls

We sell a selection of second-hand bowls. Bowls listed as in good condition will have normal wear and tear on the running surface and paint may have worn on the rings. Any chips or serious scratches will appear in the description.

Please note, our used bowls are available for purchase in our Brisbane store and online, so occasionally the bowls may be sold before we have had the chance to remove them from the website.