Why Aero Bowls Are The Best Bowls

Quality, effectiveness, and precision machining. These are just three reasons why Aero bowls are the best. Still, for those of you who are happy customers of us here at Lawn Bowls 2U, you will know we like to go into detail, so here are our reasons why Aero bowls are the best.

The Same Line Every Time

The actual Aero manufacturer’s website is darn near impenetrable for people who are looking for an easy answer. It is almost like the person writing the website didn’t know much about bowls, and so tried to vamp with a bunch of marketing writing. The reason Aero are great is that you can special-order five of the same bowls, and they will all come out exactly the same. It may not be spacecraft precision, but it is pretty close. 


The manufacturer offers a 21-day play guarantee which gives lawn bowlers the opportunity to test out their bowls on the green. Eligible items must be returned with the original receipt. Also manufacturer defects are covered by a 12-year defect guarantee.

Four Grips Types

These bowls are supposed to be suitable for all weather types but try using them in a snowstorm. Nevertheless, Aero bowls have four registered grip designs, which means you will be hard-pressed to find similar from other suppliers (Lawn Bowls 2U sells official Aero bowls). The grip designs are called Z Scoop, Aero Denations, Zig Zag and D Scoop.

Customize Your Bowl

There are many colours to choose from, and you can also have three sizes of logo. Plus, you can have your own custom engraving put onto the ball if you wish. There are over 30 colours, and you can add your own colours if you do not mind paying extra. 

Everything You Need

The great thing about the Aero brand is that you get everything you need. They even do a full range of half sizes, and they have a warranty system that protects your investment. The company also has its own clothing range and range of shoes, which is fine, but it sometimes feels like they are overextending themselves a little. Still, the Aero brand is a one-stop place for all your bowling needs, which is not dissimilar to another famous brand, namely Lawn Bowls 2U. 

What do You Think?

The way they are made and the way they perform has convinced us that Aero bowls are the best bowls. There are plenty of fine contenders for the crown, but we think Aero bowls come out on top every time. If you agree with us that Aero bowls are the best, then get in touch, or make an order. 

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