A Short History on Lawn Bowls

What are Lawn Bowls?

Lawn Bowls is a game with a long and varied history evolving over hundreds of years but was reportedly first introduced to the Australians in the late 1880s by the first colonists.  

The game of Lawn Bowls is now proving to be a very popular form of physical and social activity and, to date, there are over 200,000 registered members of the game in Australia alone.

Here are some facts about Lawn Bowls

  • It is a game that can be played by anyone from the age of nine to ninety! It is an ideal way for people to develop their skills, co-ordination and fitness.  There is a lot of walking, bending up and down involved so players have to be fairly fit.
  • The object of the game is get your bowls closer to the jack (a small white ball) than your opponent. Very little equipment is required to play the game: your bowls (usually 4), the jack, the mat and a space on the green to play (called a rink).
  • Lawn Bowls is a precision sport which involves players trying to roll their bowl closest to the white ball or yellow ball.  It is played on a bowling green on a surface which is generally grassy and usually played outdoors.  In hotter, drier countries artificial surfaces can be used.
  • The game is gaining in popularity and is now played in many countries, with several national and international tournaments every year.
  • Lawn Bowls themselves are available in different sizes and are made of a hard plastic material which has to be able to withstand constant contact between bowls during play. Up until 2001 lawn bowls were either black or brown in colour but the rules have now been changed and you can buy bowls of just about every colour imaginable, even pink!  
  • Lawn bowls is played by 2 teams of 1 to 4 players and the aim of the game is to try to earn points by throwing their bowls up the green so that they land closest to a small target ball.  Pairs: This is a game between two teams comprised of two players each.   Triples: This is a game between two teams comprised of three players each.

Above is a brief introduction to the game of bowls and should give you some idea what it’s all about.  

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