Why Lawn Bowls Is So Popular

Who’s playing Lawn Bowls?

Lawn bowling no longer for retired folk

When you consider grass bowling, pictures of doddering elderly men and white-haired women in white slacks may ring a bell.

But the centuries-old sport is no longer reserved for the aged, in fact this sport has left some foot prints for the younger generation at lawn bowls Sunshine Coast.

There is simply a great way to get out there and get active, and there is a great sense of social component as well.

Though lawn bowling is not the greatest workout sport, the adrenaline and lunging will get your heart pumping.

There’s a competitive aspect too, but it’s not a high intensity game.

There’s the precision aspect and it’s what you make out it that matters anyway.

“You get that inadvertent workout, instead of just sitting at home on the couch doing nothing on a Thursday night.”

Many locals have started using this sport at regular fundraising events.

Beginning as an occasional public house sport, it was a leisure activity for the male elite in the nineteenth century, then a mass sport for men and women after the Second World War and now appeals to a much younger age group.

Lawn bowls is one of Australia’s most popular sports, it has seen several transformations in its history.

The diverse organization provides a number of important social functions.

The different demands for land in urban Sydney and sometimes country towns has put pressure on the valuable land the bowling greens occupy.

The Museum has acquired material from the Rose Bay Bowling Club, now closed.

Over the past few decades bowls associations have developed strategies to change the image of the game, aiming to attract more players.

While the resolute, old fashioned bowlers prop the clubs up throughout the entire year, numerous clubs – especially in Melbourne owe their sound enrollment numbers to a blast in “shoeless bowling” that has revived the game.

As indicated by Bowls Australia, aggressive playing individuals bumped 450,000 in the mid 1980s.

Since figures have tumbled to underneath 200,000.

Be that as it may, while playing enrollment in Victoria has dropped approximately 20 percent in five years, generally speaking investment has ascended by around five percent as an energetic influx of social bowlers has rushed to the clubs, tricked by the amusement’s loosening up environment and the clubs’ genuine retro charms.

“Our structured competition for competitive bowlers, has never been stronger and remains immensely popular. Just ask anyone who plays it. Competitive bowlers live for pennant in Victoria.”

Younger Demographic

Bowls have been credited to the developing intrigue to the more youthful statistic to the blast in shoeless dishes “which is drawing a more youthful, progressively different group to experience the game”, and the way that, essentially, “it’s an extraordinary game”.

When more youthful individuals experience it, they influence their very own personalities, and see past the generalization.

You don’t need to be an athlete, and you can drink and socialize while playing.

It’s also good fun, and requires some skill it’s an easy game to get hooked on, like pool.

The 20 somethings who go to bowls clubs today are looking for something a bit different it’s a genuine retro experience.

While mainstream news broadcasts show footage of ‘retirees’, pensioners lawn bowling when covering superannuation or pension stories, on sunny weekend visitors to our club will be greeted by scores of 20- and 30-somethings enjoying casual sessions of barefoot bowling on the greens.

When you pass you local bowls club lawn bowls sunshine coast, go inside and experience local bowls club is a whole new world or at least a relaxed and welcoming one.

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