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Safety Tips for Lawn Bowling

When it comes to lawn bowling, it isn’t a sport that immediately comes to mind when thinking about danger or lack of safety for either the players, playing surface or equipment!

Lawn bowls might be a favourite past time of the nation’s elderly population, but that doesn’t mean that you still don’t have to pay attention and make sure that you don’t put your body under any unnecessary physical stress.

Here at Lawn Bowls 2 U, we strive to make sure that all lawn bowls players have the best equipment and the best time whilst playing, and that includes ensuring that all and any safety precautions are taken. With that in mind when taking a look at our second-hand lawn bowls, here are some key safety and injury prevention tips to remember for your lawn bowling adventures!

  • Make sure that you pay attention to the better players in your club and follow their guidance when it comes to the correct technique for lawn bowls. You need to use the correct swinging action, because poor balance or poor delivery can lead to injury from repetitive strain.
  • It might not be football or rugby, but you still need to make the effort to warm up! You can reduce the risk of things like muscle injuries and joint inflammation by warming up and cooling down before and after each lawn bowls session.
  • Bowls can be addictive, but make sure to limit the time that you spend playing in order to control the risk of repetitive strain injuries.
  • Try to avoid playing lawn bowls when the sun is really beating down at the hottest parts of the day. You would be surprised how quickly you can get dehydrated.
  • In fact, when playing at any part of a sunny day, it is essential to apply sunscreen and keep applying it at regular intervals. This will help to decrease the risk of things like sunburn and sunstroke, which nobody wants to have to go through at any time!

So, if you are in the market for a great set of second-hand bowls, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to be your main supplier. We are committed to bringing affordable, good quality equipment to bowlers at every level of experience, so feel free to take a look at our website to see exactly what we have on offer. We look forward to being able to help you out.

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